Westford & District Pipes and Drums is a fire service pipe band made up of Public Safety personnel and civilians who support the mission of the band.

Veteran’s Day 2021

This Veteran’s Day marks a full return of events for the band. Over the past year we have slowly returned to performing for various events. Memorial Day 2021 saw an abbreviated parade in Winchester. Fourth of July we had the honor to kick off the Raymond NH parade. Labor Day we were welcomed back in the Milford NH Labor Day parade and in October we were once again back at Austin Prep for their convocation. We look forward to finishing out November with leading the procession of the Blue Mass again at Austin Prep. We look forward to a busier 2022.

We will be honoring our Veterans again in Winchester on November 11th with a return to a longer parade.

We welcome new members no experience necessary to join us in all of these events that we do.

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