Westford & District Pipes and Drums is a fire service pipe band made up of Public Safety personnel and civilians who support the mission of the band.

2022 off to a good start

With Covid subsiding the band is finally getting back to a more normal routine. This past Sunday we had the pleasure of marching with our friends from the Worcester Police Pipe Band. Check out this clip https://www.wcvb.com/article/2022-worcester-st-patrick-s-parade-march-13/39420989

We have a great slate of parades coming up. Next on the list is the Annual Apple Blossom festival parade in Westford MA www.westford.org/kiwanis check it out and come down and watch the band. From the Kiwanis website

2022 Apple Blossom Festival

We are excited to announce our plans for a Festival, Parade and Fireworks in May of 2022.  The festival will run from May 11-15 with a parade starting at 10 am on May 14th and fireworks after dark on May 14th, with a rain date of May 13th.  Check back as we continue to make updates with regard to this year’s event.


Are you interested in learning the Highland bagpipes or Highland drums, we are always accepting new members, no experience necessary join us at any Thursday night rehearsal to learn more or contact us for more information

Check out our events tab for more of the band schedule

Happy St Pat’s Day

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