Westford & District Pipes and Drums is a fire service pipe band made up of Public Safety personnel and civilians who support the mission of the band.

Westford Academy Winter Concert

On Dec 5th the Westford & District Pipes and Drums had the extreme pleasure of performing Highland Cathedral with the Westford Academy High School Band at their winter concert.  Using Gibson B flat (466hz) chanters with Gilmore reeds along with drone extenders we were able to tune nicely to the symphonic band and produce a very nice sound.   A tip of the hat to the talented musicians of the Westford Academy and to their Director Mr George Arsenault who were able to put this combined arrangement together in less than two weeks.  We had one dress rehearsal on Dec 3rd and the performance was just two days later.  Outstanding work by all.   A video of the concert will be posted shortly on our Facebook page and on YouTube Read More