Westford & District Pipes and Drums is a fire service pipe band made up of Public Safety personnel and civilians who support the mission of the band.


The Westford Pipes & Drums Night Before Christmas

Courtesy of Pipe Sgt Don Parsons

Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the house
Not a piper was stirring or a drummer to wake up a mouse

The band settled down for a nice little nap
for they were exhausted and put on their caps

Then out on the lawn there was such a clatter
I sprung into my Kilt to see what was the matter
While out on the lawn our Drum Major all dressed in his best
Calling for the band to come to parade rest
The pipe major stood and expressed to all that he was proud
of our accomplishments and so were the crowds

Even Kirk and Adam agreed the band did well
and look forward to the next year as we will give it hell

Then the Drummer Major called us all to attention
Called out the tunes without hesitation

The drummers began without missing a beat
with the pipers coming in with no extra tweets

The band played with such perfection
everyone was proud to play with such notation

The band finished the set which was really tight
then the Drum Major dismissed us
while we all turned to the Right

Then we all heard the Pipe Sergeant exclaim
who is always frisky


Merry Christmas to all -Whiskey!