Westford & District Pipes and Drums is a fire service pipe band made up of Public Safety personnel and civilians who support the mission of the band.

About Us

The Westford Firefighters Pipes and Drums is a public safety service pipe band made up of Public Safety personnel and civilians alike.  Our mission is to be ever ready to honor a fallen Public Safety or Military hero and to uphold the proud traditions of the Highland Pipes and Drums.  As a performing musical group our goals are to continually improve and foster an appreciation for Celtic music.

Our Beginnings

The inspiration for forming the Westford Firefighters Pipes and Drums was the sudden and untimely death of long time Westford Firefighter Richard Green on April 9,2008. For his funeral, a collection of pipers including Westford Firefighters Joe DelPapa and William Cashman, Nashua N.H.Firefighter Troy Saunders, Newburyport Firefighter Robert Morse, Quincy Firefighter Bob Mood, and Mass. K9 Search and Rescue Member Joanne Tobey piped Firefighter Green to his final rest. In the aftermath, members of the department decided to take up the challenge of forming a Pipe and Drum band. The founding members decided to choose a green hackle feather on their Glengarries in remembrance of Firefighter Green. The members also choose a Tartan with significant history of the Town of Westford. The band chose the Sinclair red tartan in honor of Sir Henry Sinclair’s Expedition to North America and the band crest, designed by Westford Firefighter Dave Christiana, is based on the Clan Gunn Crest in honor of Sir James Gunn whom, according to the Westford Knight legend, died in Westford on the expedition. The Westford Knight legend and the stone with the carving of a Knight are located about ½ mile from Westford Fire Headquarters.

In the Fall of 2008 the band approached Clan Sinclair seeking approval of their desire to wear the Sinclair tartan. The Clan agreed to the request and the band proudly wears the Sinclair Red.

The Early Years

2009 – 2011 saw the band continue to grow and establish itself as a regional band.  Members hailed from departments from Greater Boston, Merrimack Valley, Southern NH and from civilian ranks too.  Our music repertoire continued to grow under the tutelage of various instructors and in 2010 the band competed at the NH Highland Games grade V.  With service as our core mission sadly but with honor we piped many funerals but we also pipes a fair amount of graduations from the MA Fire Academy and had the honor of performing at various Fire Dept Balls, retirement and promotional ceremonies.  Many parades were attended as well as other civic events.  It was not all just serious playing.  These early years also set the tone for some very happy St Paddy’s day pub crawls.  These early years also saw the beginnings of two traditions.  Following the Westford Apple Blossom parade in mid May our ever faithful treasurer has hosted a cook out at his home and the highlight for this cookout was the annual “kangaroo court”  where we, with great humor, get to bring charges up against fellow band members who would be handed out various penalties from our esteemed judges, our pipe and drum sgts.  All good fun.  Another summer tradition also started and that was the bands annual 4th of July cookout, hosted for most years at the Tustin household.

Comings and Goings

2012 was a year of change for the band.  Like many groups we saw members say good bye but we also gained new members in their place.  We also gained a new piping instructor Kirk Brunson who brought new perspective to the band.  We continued to struggle with consistent drumming instruction, an issue that would not get solved until 2014.  Our service to our communities continued with honor with more funerals, civic events, academy graduations and more.  Our first band fundraiser was held May of 2012 to an Irish theme and would set the tone for more to follow.  We continued our quest to compete and in 2013 the band saw one of it’s members take a stab at solo competition.  Pipe Sgt Rick Tustin threw his hat into the competition ring and took part in a 2/4 march compitition at the NH Highland games.  We continued to take in new members and a major change in 2012 was holding practice every week rather than every other as we had been doing.  This greatly improved our abilities as we continued to grow. 2014 was another year of change for the band, we welcomed in a new drum instructor Andrew Adams but we also saw our founding Pipe Major Bill Cashman decided it was time to pass the baton.  Bill stepped down as PM following the 2014 NH Highland games.  Pipe Sgt Rick Tustin assumed the PM duties and in 2015 was officially elected to the post.  The Fall of 2012 also saw the band begin a new working relationship with the Scot Highlander band out of Leominster MA.  We were invited to be their guest band at their annual Robert Burns dinner, an invite we graciously accepted and have played that event since 2013.   One of the highlights in 2015 was a request from the 25th Marine Corp Regiment based out of Fort Devens MA to be their service band for the Change of Command ceremony in July of that year as they welcomed in a new commanding officer. What an honor for the band to perform in this very formal ceremony.  In July 2016 we were once again asked to perform the same duties for the Change of Command of the Sgt Major and the retirement from the Marines after a 30 year career for Sgt Major Tracy Linch.  It was an honor to play for this regiment.

Although the number of band members has stayed relatively the same over the years, the number of events that we have been asked to play in has steadily grown. 2013 we took part in 18 events through the year, 2014 and 2015 25 events and we are on track to surpass that for 2016.

To be continued…….


Join Us

Does the haunting melodic call of the pipes and drums beckon you? Have you wondered what it would be like to play these great instruments?  Are you an experienced piper or drummer looking for a band to grow with?  Do you have a desire to serve our fallen Public Safety and their families in their greatest time of need by providing the honor of the pipes and drums?  Do you wish to be ambassadors of the great tradition of the pipes and drums?   Then we want you…

Apple Blossom Parade
Apple Blossom Parade

The band is growing and we would like you to grow with us.  We perform at a variety of events through out the year to support our Public Safety agencies and to promote to the general public the great music of the Highland Pipes & Drums, but our greatest purpose is to be ever ready when called upon for the passing of any Public Safety Officer or member of the military as they should never be laid to rest without the honor of the Pipes & Drums.

Sgt Major Linch 15

The band welcomes new members from both Public Safety and the general public.  No experience is required just a desire to serve and to hold sacred the tradition of the Pipes and Drums. The Westford Firefighters Pipes and Drums practices are Thursday evenings at the Billerica First Congregational Church 18 Andover Rd Billerica. Practices begin at 6:30pm.  Come on down and check us out.